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Introducing Stations

A web3 stack for communities pooling money onchain & managing assets together.

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Modular stack.
In-built automation.
Endless use-cases.

StationX’s infrastructure fully integrates a token-based membership, a shared treasury and decision-making inside “the station” to help automate critical workflows involved in pooling capital, deploying funds & sharing profits within a community.

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Stations created on testnet


Worth of TXs executed on mainnet

Invite your community

Create a station for any opportunity & pool funds from contributors.

Split member ownership

Contributors receive membership token(s) as pro-rata ownership in the station.

Manage ops with zero code.

Use actions to make decisions, deploy funds & manage assets directly from the station.

Turn your community into
an economic engine.

Tokengate your community

Tokengate your community

Flexibly choose between NFTs or ERC20s for memberships.

Utilise treasuries to manage assets

Utilise treasuries to manage assets

Assign admins or utilize community voting to manage funds .

Increase engagement among members

Increase engagement among members

Utilize station's notifications to involve members in day-to-day.

Introducing Drops

Instantly drop or distribute any ERC20 token(s) to your community.

Drops are customisable

Customise by setting eligibility rules, add banner, description & more.

Track your drop activity

Use the dashboard to track everything & modify key settings.

Powerfully simple ways to distribute rewards to communities.

DropX makes it easy for individuals & teams to distribute tokens to their communities. By setting up a drop, you can get your community to connect their wallets and redeem tokens from you instantly, reducing the burden & costs of otherwise manually distributing them.

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